Barbados 2016 Part 3 – Scuba Diving Week 25

Barbados.  A slice of Heaven on earth … If you’re just joining me, I published the first part of my Barbados 2016 series here and the second part here.  This third part in the series covers days 6 through 11 where we did most of our scuba diving. I mentioned previously that on day 3, we only did the one dive.  It really wasn’t until the following week did we actually get into the diving.  Beginning on Monday, July 11th, we did 10 dives during the course of the week, bringing the total amount of dives to 11 in just six days, with approximately 10 hours of […]


Barbados 2016 Part 2 16

Ah, Barbados.  Heaven on earth … So many great things about this cozy little island near the equator.  The people, the salt in the air, the food, the sun, the sand, the ocean… it is just incredible.  My family has been going to the island long since before I was born, in fact my mom and dad used to go there quite a bit after they got married.  I joke with my mother because she should have bought a place down there decades ago when she first started going, we would’ve had a place to call our own by now.  Heck, […]

Barbados 2016 Part 1 36

I’ve been struggling where to begin and how I wanted to format these Barbados posts but I’ve decided enough waffling about it and just do it. We’ve been home for a month tomorrow and I can hardly believe it.  Memories have been created to last a lifetime and if that’s not enough, they are memories to tide us over until we return again next time.  At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself so I don’t go into a deep depression.  *lol*


Wednesday: Holy shit balls, you’d think there was a full moon.  Everyone is spazzing and snappy today.  And I’m not one of them for once! LOL.  Work is crazy.  Not long after I started work here at the Commission, usually January, February and March were quieter months.  These days, not so much.  I guess we’re gearing up for fiscal year end at the end of March, that contributes to it.  Also, my boss is covering her boss and so she’s doing two jobs, wearing two hats and she’s super stressed, easily agitated quick to deflect blame to others.  She had […]

It’s just another Manic Monday………………………

Don’t Monday’s come entirely too fast? Especially for the working folk that don’t have the luxury of working from home… Jeff spent all of yesterday getting/being sick.  Poor guy has been coughing up a storm and I think as a result, as pulled a muscle in his shoulder/back.  He’s definitely been in bad shape.  He said he felt a bit better this morning but stayed at work for 2 hours before calling it a day. Saturday we had gone down to the travel show put on by Flight Centre.  What a waste of a drive in traffic on the 401.  […]

So yesterday everything came together for our OW Dive Certs.  Got a dive facility that has agreed to do our referral dives.  Costs a pretty penny doing it this way but frankly I’m not up to braving the cold Ontario water…yet.  I won’t dive in lake water without a 7 mm suit on, forget it.  I shiver enough on my own in a 70 degree pool, much less lower than that.  So we’re be doing those on the 15th and 16th, which will leave over a week of room to fit another day or two in diving.  Then once we […]