Valentine’s Day

Galentines Blogger Gift Exchange [my first] 8

Did y’all have a nice Valentines Day?  I sure did and not because I was wined and dined and had my husband buy me a dozen roses that cost a mortgage payment (kidding).  This year, I participated in the 2017 Galentine’s Blogger Exchange Gift Exchange, hosted by my friend, Mattie and her compadre, Olya. Both gals announced that they’d be opening up this fun exchange for the second year and I thought I’d jump on board and play along AND what a cool opportunity to get to know another blogger, right? The details: 1/27: Signups close 2/10: Deadline to ship your package […]

gratitude ournal

So since I don’t feel like dwelling or going into what the last few days have been like (brutal, frustrating, sad, pathetic, hard, stressful), I just don’t want to talk about it. I woke up jaded, quite frankly, after all it is Valentine’s Day today.  I’ve never been huge into the Hallmark holiday, I think it’s stupid that flowers are quadruple in prices (at least) and good luck getting a reservation at a restaurant if you haven’t book it months ago.  Yeah I’m a planner but not that much of a planner.  Anyways, the hubs and I have been walking […]

Really just not feeling it lately.  It started when I got sick at the beginning of February, like voice changing, sore throat, sounding like Aunt Thelma and blowing rediculous amounts of crap out of my face.  It’s been good times and I’m still not 100% almost 2 weeks later now.  I’m still blowing my face off.  I should acquire some shares in Kleenex.  My poor nose is hurt.  I don’t know what it is about the male race but when you guys out there get sick, look out.  The world has come to a momentary halt.  But if a woman […]