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Life Lately 10

How are y’all doing? I’ve been quiet around these parts lately because I’ve been busy at work during the day time and at night, I’m trying to spend much of my time with Jeff and being present.  The evenings are always so short and on a daily basis, I’m always wishing I had an extra couple of hours. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Of course, I’m sure, an extra couple of hours a day would never be enough and I’m sure I’d always be wanting more.  That or I need to figure out how to function on a couple of hours […]

Life lately


Weekend Fun 7

‘Twas a weekend full of puppy love, rest and relaxation. Oh, and good eats, too. Friday night was winding down night and relaxation aka couch time with Jeff and the dogs. Tough day at the office, clearly. Saturday, after much lolly gagging and wasting time, we finally got up and out of the house and went shopping.  I was on the hunt for new jeans.  Now, I’m pretty specific and I know what I like, so I always stick with Silver Jeans.  I’ve been wearing them for probably almost 2 decades if I’m being honest here.  I went to my […]

The Royal Winter Fair 4

It’s Wednesday, half way through the week and the day after the United States of America has elected Donald Trump.  Now let that sink in.  This blog is certainly not a platform to discuss politics and while I think that the U.S. perhaps needed some shaking up in general, to the extent of electing that farce of a “man”, I’m not sure that was the smartest move.  Time will tell what happens and then his motives will become crystal clear.  I think right now though, there is a lot of uncertainty, unknown and fear and rightfully so.   So on a day […]

Royal Winter Fair

Fall colors

Weekend Fun 4

My weekend was pretty uneventful apart from attending a shooting match with Jeff on Saturday and then on Sunday, I had six pet visits in the morning and got to see my favorite Greyhound.  And then the rest of the day was a waste – we spent hours looking for the right gift for our nephew who’s into soccer.  We went up to Barrie, 45 minutes north of where we live, unannounced (which is normal for us and we were also going to Jeff’s brother’s).  We were unwelcome and completely ignored on our visit.  Jeff’s brother didn’t even come downstairs despite […]

View from the Top ….. of the CN Tower 11

Oooh look at me go, I almost had all of you, right? Wrong, I’m just being a dork. Don’t mind me.  A couple of months ago, both Jeff and I signed up through my workplace to climb the CN Tower in support of the United Way. Never having climbed before and hearing others past stories made me want to climb, too.  Jeff in his old man state (lol) had to bail on me as he hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago and climbing 144 stories was decidedly not going to make matters better for him and I’m glad […]

Action Shooting

Match Weekend, the weekend of the Monsoon 4

Holy bananas, did it ever rain on Saturday!!  It seems like it’s an annual tradition that when these tournaments (action shooting – think scenarios with targets) are planned, the day that all the safety officers compete is the day where the sky just opens up and Mother Nature just pours down on us.  And it is usually followed up with a beautiful, sunny day and this year certainly did not disappoint.  Sunday was just gorgeous and perfect weather conditions for the other 67 or so competitors that shot in the tournament. I’m not a safety officer but I was helping organize […]