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What’s Up Monday / Weekend Recap / Charlie Recovery Update 17

So what fun did y’all get up to this past weekend?  We had some mediocre, summer weather this past along with a lot of relaxation, cleaning, packing, seeing Jeff’s Mom in rehab, seeing old friends Saturday, good eats, good company and of course, time with the boys.  In a nutshell, of course.  (Meanwhile, I just went on a run-on sentence there, there was nothing brief or nutshell about it – lol) Jeff went up late Thursday night to his parents, which was basically only a place to rest his head, so he could go out on Friday morning, up to […]

Fresh Fruit

It’s that day of the weekend that most people loathe, myself being one of those.  Ugh!  I was in such a foul mood when I got into work, probably because my patience is waning with some of my work colleagues.  Perhaps it was also talking to my mom that’s been away from the office since last Wednesday and it was like she wasn’t a part of a conversation that was had last week.  Like, stop shaking your head at me woman and implying that I’ve got it all wrong.  No, you fucked up the days and everything has to be […]

I’m so frustrated with work lately.  I can’t say that I’ve been this stressed or frazzled with this place in the entire 4 years I’ve been here but I can say that how it is today was not how it was when I came here in July of 2010.  I appreciate that we’re busy and my boss is covering two jobs but by no means is it cool to throw people under the bus and/or blame them for things that SHE advised to do WEEKS ago.    It’s just a shitty feeling when you feel uneasy about your job or uncertain […]

Two weeks til Christmas! **Errr apparently this didn’t post yesterday**

It’s been almost a week since I last wrote so I figure we’re long overdue for an update. We’ve been at my mom’s house for a week now and everything has been smooth sailing thus far.  Everyone has been getting along smashingly, the boys put on a show every night of them dueling and Quincey always, always tries to mediate and get in between the two, thinking that they’re legit squabbling.  Not at all, they’re just horsing around like two little boys that they are.  Delilah, she’s doing well.  She’s Miss Wigglebum.  The boys are enjoying all the space and the […]

Humpity Humpity Hump Wednesday

Something feels amiss lately…And I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I feel like things are too quiet, not metaphorically but physically.  I feel like things have been better with J but I feel like he’s too quiet, reflecting on things internally and not including me in on it.  Maybe it’s me just being stupid and my own insecurities and worrying about nothing, but maybe it’s not. Who knows, I know I certainly don’t.  It could also be the polar opposite, that things are calm and quiet right now and I’m over-analyzing it. Things are a chaotic mess at […]