My First Job – Starting Out 12

Looking back, I can hardly believe that I have been in my professional field for over ten years now.  It just seems like yesterday that I had finished up my back-to-back diplomas in college and was embarking out into the scary, real world.  In some ways, I was both excited and nervous to start this new and exciting chapter of my life.  But, looking back now, I wish I had appreciated and savored the time before starting my career a bit more. In North America, we are so busy and always on the go, often to busy to stop and smell […]


Day in the Life of

Day in the Life Of 20

Forgive me, but I had intended on posting this Day in the Life of (DITL) post for a long time now and it’s a bit outdated to read, but a fun read nevertheless.  I always love reading these because I often find that I’m much more busier than I actually think I am.  I love reading other people’s DITL posts because it gives us a snapshot into the life of someone else.  It surely doesn’t give you a complete picture, but you get a snap shot of what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes and life for […]

Question of Three’s 6

Questions of Three’s  I was perusing some of my old posts back from when I was hanging out over at Blogger or Blogspot ages ago and came across this gem of Questions of Three’s that I just had to update and re-visit.  I’ve now been blogging for six and a half months over in this pretty little new space and I really have to go back and clean up some old posts.  But, as you know, I’m always remarking about time and not enough of it, so I suppose I’ll get around to it at some point… Anyways, if you […]


My A to Z Travel 19

So this blog topic has been going around the internets and I thought it was a fun post idea, so here we go! A) Age you went on your first international trip: To the best of my recollection, Jamaica just after my Dad passed away.  I want to say maybe 4 or 5? B) Best foreign beer you’ve had and where: Banks Beer (THE beer in Barbados).  I’m not the best person to chat about beer with. I’m not a huge fan of the bloat, thank you very much. C) Cuisine (favorite):  Mexican, Greek, Italian.  These days, I like all […]

My A to Z Travel

Happy 7th Anniversary 6

To my beloved, I know you don’t always read these posts, but today’s post I’ll made sure you see for sure. I’m not always the best at telling you how much you mean to me and that without you in  my life, I would be a lost soul.  You inspire me to be a better person and encourage me to take leaps and just trust. It’s been up, down, and all around the last 13 years with you but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. I love you so much! xo