Never Have I Ever 4

Normally Never Have I Ever has been a past drinking game I’ve played (and lost!) but I recently saw this post on Megan’s blog and I thought, “Cool, I’m stealing that for a future post!!” and so, here we are.  Thanks Megan!! *waves*   Like Megan did, I’m not going to limit it to a certain time frame, we’ll just go with making it about my entire life, whether 5 months ago or 15 years ago. So, truly, “Never have I ever..” Drinking is optional for this game session.. 😉 (X) Shot a gun Sure have!  I even own a pistol, […]

action shooting

Things I love

Things I LOVE #AtoZChallenge 8

Today marks day 12 of the #AtoZChallenge, and if you don’t know what this challenge is that I speak of, I touched on what it was briefly here.  For complete rules, historical information and all that jazz, click here.  We’re almost half way through the month, let’s do this guys! The letter for today is: Some bloggers have chosen to pick a theme for the #AtoZChallenge, I’ve chosen to wing it.  Today I am writing about being Things that I LOVE. My family My friends Sunshine Falling asleep to the sound of rain Finding a quote that describes your current situation Dogs Great Danes, […]

Day in the Life of – February Edition 14

My Day in the Life of – Personal Day off from Work – February 2016 On this day, I was house/dog sitting at my mom’s while she’s away in Barbados. Finally rolled out of bed at 5:45.  Let dogs outside.  Get Jeff’s lunch packed and coffee made.  Off to work he goes. Made myself a coffee, sat down and checked my phone for 20 minutes or so.  Fed all 5 dogs (my mom’s 1 year old Bichon is downstairs with my aunt).  Let them all outside.  Back inside. Put together some things to go home with while I wait for […]

Day in the Life


The Coveted Liebster 12

So while I’m off doing pet visits, I thought I’d entertain you with some Q & A about little old me.  And if you don’t care, now’s your chance to peace out. 🙂 I’m definitely not a stranger to the Liebster Award, however, when I am nominated by a fellow blogger, I’m always touched and I can’t just ignore what has been asked of me and what I can pass along to others.  SO here’s the deal, since I’ve been nominated previously, I’m going to leave this open so that if you want to grab the questions and run with […]

My First Job – Starting Out 12

Looking back, I can hardly believe that I have been in my professional field for over ten years now.  It just seems like yesterday that I had finished up my back-to-back diplomas in college and was embarking out into the scary, real world.  In some ways, I was both excited and nervous to start this new and exciting chapter of my life.  But, looking back now, I wish I had appreciated and savored the time before starting my career a bit more. In North America, we are so busy and always on the go, often to busy to stop and smell […]


Day in the Life of

Day in the Life Of 20

Forgive me, but I had intended on posting this Day in the Life of (DITL) post for a long time now and it’s a bit outdated to read, but a fun read nevertheless.  I always love reading these because I often find that I’m much more busier than I actually think I am.  I love reading other people’s DITL posts because it gives us a snapshot into the life of someone else.  It surely doesn’t give you a complete picture, but you get a snap shot of what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes and life for […]