Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery – Day 16 11

Today we are now 16 days post-op for Charlie and he’s doing fabulous.  He honestly feels like he could probably run a marathon, I’m sure (my opinion as a crazy pet-parent).  He’s got spunk and this renewed energy.  But, so far he’s listening to his limits i.e. Mommy yelling.  He now has his stitches out (yesterday) and he’s very happy about that.  He spent one more night in the cone and this morning, he is cone-FREE.  Pet parents reading know that this is such a triumphant moment.  Cone-wearing is always such a shitty thing, for both the dog and the […]

Charlie's Post-Op Recovery

Canada Day Festival

Thursday Thoughts & #ThrowbackThursday 4

It’s Thursday today, but it doesn’t feel like a Thursday because we had a statutory holiday yesterday (Canada Day) and so today, it feels like it should be the beginning of a work week but alas, thank god it is not.  Only today and tomorrow until the glorious weekend.  I live for weekends, don’t you kids?  Yesterday, we didn’t end up visiting Jeff’s Mom in the rehab facility.  She was placed in isolation due to being sick so hopefully she’ll be feeling a bit better come the weekend and we can perhaps visit her on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Instead, […]

The ABCs of Me 15

So Erin from Tex Erin in Sydney had this grand idea of posting the ABCs about yourself and you know what?  I’m all over that shizz today.  Something nice and light.  🙂 [Stay tuned below for a short update on Charlie] Here we go: A- Age: 31.  I’ll be 32 in November. B- Biggest fear: Dying young, before I get to experience all the wonderful things this life has to offer. C- Current Time: 11:32 a.m. D- Drink you last had: Coffee and water.  That’s all I drink these days.  Which reminds me, I haven’t had Kombucha tea in awhile.. Hmm.. E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Jeff, […]

ABCs of Me

Charlie in laundry

Update on Charlie – Post Op 16

So Jeff and my Mom went to meet the orthopedic surgeon last Thursday morning, which was the next step before his surgery was to be scheduled.  The surgeon agreed with the other Veterinarian, that Charlie indeed had what appeared to be a torn cruciate ligament.  Not only that, it was discussed that because there was a possibility that his patella, or knee cap, was luxating, or shifting ever so slightly, they might have to create a deeper groove for the cap to sit in, so it would no longer free-float, so to speak.  The doctor also said that if the […]

Charlie’s Diagnosis 18

This will be  the beginning of a long journey ahead, for us, for Charlie and I want to try and capture as much detail as I remember it, so I can look back months from now and see the progress. Back in January, Charlie was playing with his brother like he normally does and I guess he happened to move a bit differently this time, but we noticed him limping a lot and we just chalked it up to him spraining his ankle or pulling something.  Since then, the limp has been less prominent but it’s been quite clear that […]


Bichon Frise

Charlie’s 8th Birthday! 10

Today is my man Charlie’s 8th birthday!! I cannot believe it’s been 8 years since we picked up this little man at the breeders and it was love at first sight.  Stubborn at the best of times but one of the sweetest, snuggliest, loving dogs I’ve ever met.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m his Momma. Happy 8th Birthday little love!! — One more thing before I get out of here.  Come join me on Instagram today (@THEBLOGLIFE101) where I take over the account for the day.  Come say hi and you might just find some new fellow […]

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