Charlie’s CCL Journey

What’s Up Monday / Weekend Recap / Charlie Recovery Update 17

So what fun did y’all get up to this past weekend?  We had some mediocre, summer weather this past along with a lot of relaxation, cleaning, packing, seeing Jeff’s Mom in rehab, seeing old friends Saturday, good eats, good company and of course, time with the boys.  In a nutshell, of course.  (Meanwhile, I just went on a run-on sentence there, there was nothing brief or nutshell about it – lol) Jeff went up late Thursday night to his parents, which was basically only a place to rest his head, so he could go out on Friday morning, up to […]

Fresh Fruit

Canada Day Festival

Thursday Thoughts & #ThrowbackThursday 4

It’s Thursday today, but it doesn’t feel like a Thursday because we had a statutory holiday yesterday (Canada Day) and so today, it feels like it should be the beginning of a work week but alas, thank god it is not.  Only today and tomorrow until the glorious weekend.  I live for weekends, don’t you kids?  Yesterday, we didn’t end up visiting Jeff’s Mom in the rehab facility.  She was placed in isolation due to being sick so hopefully she’ll be feeling a bit better come the weekend and we can perhaps visit her on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Instead, […]

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 18

Let it be known that I don’t win shiz.  I have zero luck, in fact I’m probably the most unlucky, accident prone PUTZ on the planet.  But, moving along, I won something.  I WON THREE AD SPACES in an awesome ad giveaway that Ashley from Keeping up with Ashley and Cody hosted last week.  The ad spaces that were up for grabs were for: Keeping up with Ashley and Cody (Ashley), Life with Rosie (Chelsie) and Southern Beauty Guide (Chelsee).  Eeeeeeep!  I’m so excited I could squeal.  Many, many thanks to the three ladies for offering up some of their ad space on […]

Canada Day Fireworks


Weekend Recap 8

My weekend was A W E S O M E, how was yours? Friday night involved me going to visit Charlie at my mom’s house after dinner.  Friday would have been day 4 Post Op and he continues to blow us out of the water in terms of healing and his recovery. Saturday morning, we headed over for the morning while my mom and step-dad went out grocery shopping and out to get their raw dog food at the place where we did the alpaca sheering. We later went home, vegged and got some things done around the house (not […]

Charlie Post-Op

Charlie Post Op – Day 3 2

Super quick post….just check out how great Charlie looks on Day 3, last night.    I took Charlie’s cone off to chill a bit while I iced his leg. Not bad healing for Day 3, am I right? Just before I left (above) and the picture on the right is Baxter, happy and on his way home from a successful outing to see his beloved brother. Life is good and we’re doing pretty good, considering. Have a great weekend my friends!  I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday.  Ciao! xox Lindsay Bloglovin’ / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / […]