Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery – Day 16 11

Today we are now 16 days post-op for Charlie and he’s doing fabulous.  He honestly feels like he could probably run a marathon, I’m sure (my opinion as a crazy pet-parent).  He’s got spunk and this renewed energy.  But, so far he’s listening to his limits i.e. Mommy yelling.  He now has his stitches out (yesterday) and he’s very happy about that.  He spent one more night in the cone and this morning, he is cone-FREE.  Pet parents reading know that this is such a triumphant moment.  Cone-wearing is always such a shitty thing, for both the dog and the […]

Charlie's Post-Op Recovery

Charlie Post-Op

Charlie Post Op – Day 3 2

Super quick post….just check out how great Charlie looks on Day 3, last night.    I took Charlie’s cone off to chill a bit while I iced his leg. Not bad healing for Day 3, am I right? Just before I left (above) and the picture on the right is Baxter, happy and on his way home from a successful outing to see his beloved brother. Life is good and we’re doing pretty good, considering. Have a great weekend my friends!  I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday.  Ciao! xox Lindsay Bloglovin’ / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / […]

Charlie – Post Op Day 2 Update 3

Quick Update on Charlie: Last night, Wednesday, was Day 2 post-op for Mr. Charles and when I arrived, I could tell by his eyes that he was more himself and less “foggy”. He was visibly wiggling and writhing with excitement and I hurried to his crate to say hello and open it up so I could pet him and give him some love.  Last night was also the night his bandage had to come off and boy let me tell you, he was not happy about that.  It did, in the end, come off and his wound didn’t look too […]

Charlie Post-Op

ABCs of Me

The ABCs of Me 15

So Erin from Tex Erin in Sydney had this grand idea of posting the ABCs about yourself and you know what?  I’m all over that shizz today.  Something nice and light.  🙂 [Stay tuned below for a short update on Charlie] Here we go: A- Age: 31.  I’ll be 32 in November. B- Biggest fear: Dying young, before I get to experience all the wonderful things this life has to offer. C- Current Time: 11:32 a.m. D- Drink you last had: Coffee and water.  That’s all I drink these days.  Which reminds me, I haven’t had Kombucha tea in awhile.. Hmm.. E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Jeff, […]

Charlie’s Diagnosis 18   Recently updated !

This will be  the beginning of a long journey ahead, for us, for Charlie and I want to try and capture as much detail as I remember it, so I can look back months from now and see the progress. Back in January, Charlie was playing with his brother like he normally does and I guess he happened to move a bit differently this time, but we noticed him limping a lot and we just chalked it up to him spraining his ankle or pulling something.  Since then, the limp has been less prominent but it’s been quite clear that […]


Yorkshire Terrier

Weekend Adventures in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking 21

It’s that time again where I round-up My Weekend Adventures in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, so let’s get started! In 48 hours: Number of visits attended to: 23 visits from Friday to Sunday night. (5 Friday, 11 Saturday and 7 Sunday) Animals: dogs, cats, a gecko, fish, and one house didn’t even have any pets, they just wanted us to water their plants and check lights Distance driven in 48 hours: 320 kms