Life Lately 4

Did you all enjoy the lovely three-day long weekend?  I sure did!  If I could seriously figure out how to get my organization to work longer hours so we could work a four-day work week and have three-day long weekends, I’d be all over that.  Nevertheless, I’m back to work and happy that it is a short work week, even moreso than usual as I am not working this Friday so it’s an extra short work-week.  Yahooo! We had AMAZING weather all weekend long, with temperatures soaring into the double digits AND alllllllllllll of the snow was melting, which made for […]

The boys

5 Things I Need to Work On This Year (and maybe you do, too!) 9

Like most anything in life, all of things apply this year, last year and future years. These are things I need to practice daily.  Counting my blessings. Whether it be gratitude or something as simple as expressing to Jeff how much he means to me, those all count for something. Patience. Pretty self-explanatory. My reactions.  How I react and my immediate response to things needs some serious work and always has. Often times, my facial expressions and body language don’t match, so I can be confusing to some (read: jeff). For example, I could be totally joking about something but […]

Girls Weekend 8

We planned our Girls Weekend back in August, just shortly after coming back from Barbados and it was something fun to look forward to months from then.  We usually book it out so far in advance for many reasons, one because some of the girls that join us have children and two, the spa that we go to in Collingwood (Ontario, Canada) is booked 3-6 months in advance.  That’s really the real reason we book so far out.  We try to get together for weekends away from home a few times a year but usually and always once a year.  […]

Scandinave Spa

dog show

2016 Royal Canin Dog Show 10

2016 Royal Canin Dog Show This past weekend, my husband, Mom and I attended our first dog show. As in the kind you see on tv (think Westminster, but not quite on that scale of grandiose).  The variety of breeds, from tiny to giant and pocket dogs all the way up to over 200 pound mark (mastiff), it was truly a feast for my eyes. As you can imagine, I did not stop smiling for one single second. Can you guess how long we were there? Six and a half hours!! Just call me the crazy dog lady from now […]

Weekend Stuff 3

I’m not bothering with a weekend recap post because I wasn’t on social media much this past weekend and no more than five measly pictures were taken, which is unheard of and a travesty.  This weekend, Jeff and I were productive beyond belief and I say ‘we’ but it was really Jeff that kicked ass and blew me out of the water when he listed off all of the crap around our place that he scratched off the list. On Saturday, Jeff and I ran some errands and got some more Christmas shopping done.  I picked out a pair of […]


3Wishes 2

3Wishes Lingerie, costumes and so much more.  Now hold a minute — I’m no girly girl nor am I one of those types (whatever type that may be) that likes to dress up in costume or lingerie because I usually feel so silly.  And plus, ask any guy – sure costumes and pretty lingerie are nice, they never stay on your body for too long and to dole out all that money and effort just seems like such a waste.  It’s not, but it feels like sometimes like it is.  Nevertheless, being with your partner for a very long time as many […]

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