Thursday Thoughts before turning 34 tomorrow 2

What is up my friends?  I have no idea what to write today other than it has been a seriously long week and I’m very glad that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is also my 34th birthday.  Tomorrow is also the day I buried my dear father 31 years ago.  My birthday is always a mixture of a happy and sad time because I am reminded of the man that I was robbed of knowing.  I would like to think I have memories of him deep within, but I was only 2 years old (turning 3).  The things I do think […]

Thursday Thoughts

The scenic route

The Scenic Route 4

Today we decided to take the scenic route on our drive I on northbound to a Jeff’s dad’s place.     — NanoPoblano Peeps this month are: Ra @ Rarasaur Julie @ Bug Bytes Bill @ Bill Friday Elsie @ Ramblings of a writer Jessie @ Behind the Willows Anita Shree @ Heartsongs blog Sarina @ Shining Seeds Blog Lori @ LoriStory Blog Kasturika @ Musings of an eccentric mind Lorna @ Gin & Lemonade Blog Angie @ The Muses Words Varuna @ Vanilla With Sprinkles Ghost @ Teleportingweena Sibelius Russell @ Consolations Many Form Blog Sarah @ Mother of […]

What I do at the Gym Now that I’m a Gimp 4

What I do at the Gym Now that I’m a Gimp – Do you like the headline?  I do, I’m a bit dramatic but that’s cool. LOL  So what exactly am I occupying myself with, with all this time I have now that I’ve got some major restrictions going on at the gym?  Do I just say f*ck it and don’t bother?  Oh helllllll no.  Going to the gym is my therapy, a place where I go to unwind and let it all out.  In some ways, I guess you could say that the gym is my church.  I used […]


Venting 6

I should’ve posted this a few weeks back when I initially wrote it, but then I didn’t and I thought better of it at the time.  Now I’ve just decided f*ck it, just post it, Lindsay. So here’s something from a couple of weeks ago when I was in such a mood, I needed to vent bad! I’m upset and overwhelmed and frustrated and angry.  Why is my body screaming out and failing on me? Why am I the person that constantly gets shit on or dumped on?   Why do I take on so much? Why don’t I ask for (more) […]