Things I’ve learned Pet Sitting over the last five years 19

Things I’ve learned pet sitting over the last five years: That almost all cats love their chins scratched. That most dogs hate you going over their head to pet them. That your allergies can improve the more you’re around animals. Point and case: I’m no longer allergic to dogs and my cat allergy has gotten better slightly. It’s best to take photos of pets on burst mode, that way you’re to get at least one decent picture out of say 20. That most cats will only want to interact with you on their terms. That dogs can se fear and pick […]

You know you’re a dog mom/dad when … 8

You know you’re a dog mom (or dog dad) when: You sacrifice your own comfort for theirs.  Be it on the couch, in bed, camping, you name it.  I’ll let them be comfortable over my own simply because I love them.    You find dog poop bags in every crevice, every pocket and every nook and cranny.  And it never seems to phase you when you pull one out in public.  You just shove it back into the pocket it came from and carry on with your day. You start purchasing dog-friendly furniture or furniture that is more suited towards […]