Barbados …. Part 4 (Fuji Pics).. The last of the Fuji pictures

A MASSIVE crab we nearly stepped on crossing the road one night… We all thought we heard Jeff’s show hit some trash in the road.. Oh no, it was a MASSIVE crab. Literally, taking our luggage down to check out, about a half hour before we were getting picked up to go to the airport… *insert sad faces*

Barbados …. Part 3 (Fuji Pics)

Catamaran time – on the Jammin’!   Swimming with the turtles 🙂  So peaceful watching them…     This guy had too much to drink lolol Poor guy!  Pace yourselves, people! Here’s where everything starts to become a blur LOL   I did body shots off this woman hahaha.. Dear lord.    Half in the bag LMAO That’s all, til Part 3… 🙂

Sea Turtles


Barbados …. Part 2 (Fuji pics) (HUGE POST)

This is Cove Bay, on the east coast of the island, on the Atlantic side so there are more waves and it can be really rough.  Many surfers go to the east coast, whereas divers typically stay on the south and west coasts. Remarkably, for the amount of times I’ve been to Barbados (about 6 or 7 times now), we always manage to find places we’ve never been too, which is pretty awesome considering the island is pretty small (only 14 by 21 miles)  Lots of seaweed was washed up in this cove.  Never seen this much before in my […]

Fuji pics from Barbados…part 1

So here’s part 1 of more pictures of our Barbados trip… There’s so many and I forgot to put them on a jumper drive this morning before leaving. So it’ll be done in parts. Yesterday Jeff and I stayed home sick. I’ve been feeling it coming on for days but he woke up at 1 am shivering, hot, cold, a fever. I felt like my head had been smashed in, a sore throat and generally feeling like shit. So the boys really enjoyed having us sickies home for the day. They’re so nice to have when you’re sick.

Barbados September 2014

Barbados 2014! {MASSIVE picture post below} All of the posts below were taken from my iPhone, with the exception of a few I took from Jeff’s GoPro pics in the water.  I’ll post camera pics in another post.  For now, Enjoy and sorry for taking up a ton of bandwidth getting these badboys to load. We did six days straight of diving, which was 11 dives and we added about 10 hours of bottom time to our logs.  We saw many turtles, our divemaster killed many a Lionfish (so pretty, but vermin of the ocean), saw many new things I`d […]